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Seminar Series



This series was first assembled by Skip, after experiencing a radical change in his life. He was asked by friends, that had seen the difference in him, what he had changed and so Skip shared what he had been doing. He was then asked to share it again and again in larger and larger forums. Now, the Dynamic Living Seminar has been heard countless times across the world and translated into nearly every major language. It has made a phenomenal difference to millions of people and continues to do so. The principles found in this seminar are the steps to finding happiness and success… free from depression, worry and fear.

In this program you will learn the Ten Principles of Success; Giving, Exclusion, Creation, Visualization, Command, Action, Faith, Enthusiasm, Self-Discipline and Persistence. In addition, you will cover steps to change your self image and the Power of Goal Setting.

Skip likes to say, “Dynamic Living is not an invention, but rather it is an ongoing discovery.” It can be applied to every major area of your life and the only prerequisite is your desire to learn and your willingness to believe and take action!

Due to the longevity of these teaching the Dynamic Living Seminar has been produced in several versions and formats. For your convenience, we have compiled some of the most loved editions here for you to enjoy.


Video Recordings


The Dynamic Living Seminar - 1987 Edition

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The Dynamic Living Seminar - 2000 Edition

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Audio Recordings

By request, these audio versions of the Dynamic Living Seminar are available here, free of charge, for your enjoyment. Please feel free to share them so that the message may continue to impact others into the future.


This is one of the very first recordings of Skip sharing the Dynamic Living Seminar. Its’s called the “Texas Spectacular” because it was recorded at a fund-raising event by the same name.

This is the first professionally recorded version of the Dynamic Living Seminar. Skip would travel the country, and eventually the world, doing this entire 6 hour presentation for years into the future.

The Dynamic Living Seminar - 2000 Edition

As a way of celebrating the millennium, Skip recorded one more version of the Dynamic Living Seminar with new stories, deeper insights, but the same great core message, “Say yes to your Potential”.




THRIVE is a project assembled by Skip’s children and crowdfunded by those that were moved by the Dynamic Living Seminar. It is meant as a reimagining of the Dynamic Living Seminar that can be taught and used by anyone. Focused on exploring vital aspects of a healthy and successful life, THRIVE provides material to allow the user to take root and thrive in areas like leadership, self-image, goal-setting and attitude development.

The series consists of a workbook and multiple video teachings enhanced with cinematic illustrations. The original version of THRIVE was a physical book and DVD. But now, thanks to the ease of digital downloads, we have made it available exclusively through ebook and online video.

We hope you enjoy this new and easy-to-use version of a message that consistently remains valuable and important to living a balanced life.

For more info on THRIVE and how to purchase it, go to




Say Yes to Your Potential - Anniversary Edition

If you are like most people, you are only using about 10 percent of your God-given potential; the other 90 percent falls onto the category of "might have been." In this book, businessman and motivational speaker Skip Ross shares the formula he has discovered for turning that used potential into a dynamic, exciting quality of life. Not just another book on positive thinking, this is solid, practical help forged from real-life experience. And hundreds of thousands who have attended Skip Ross's seminars testify: his ideas work! Say Yes to Your Potential is an exciting usable, life-changing concept for anyone who is interested in a happier, more productive, more fulfilling way of living.


DAILY DISCIPLINES - 90 Days of Personal Growth

Daily Disciplines: 90 Days of Personal Growth is designed to help readers integrate a positive daily routine into their lives through daily lessons and exercises. It’s a simple way to commit to a habit pattern of personal growth that affects the way that you approach projects, business, relationships, parenting, studying and life.






Say Yes Everyday


Say Yes Everyday is a series developed by Skip Ross in order to fill an absolutely essential need in his daily routine. That need was to get good, positive input at the start of every day. And this audio recording does just that. Listen to Skip each morning take a few moments to help you apply some of the principles of Dynamic Living to your life.

Welcome to the Family of God

This media is intended as a free gift to those campers who made a spiritual connection at camp and want to find out a little more information on what the next step is.

More teachings will be coming soon…

Biblical Lessons In Leadership

The Seven Last Words

Attitude Check! A Closer Look At Goal Setting

Pacesetter - Intro to Goal Setting

God’s Prescription for Depression

Attitudes To Freedom



By request, all of Skip’s music is available here, free of charge, for your enjoyment. Please feel free to share this music so that its message may continue to impact others into the future.

Praise the name LP Cover.png


This is Skip’s debut album released in 1975 by WORD Records. Album by Skip Ross with the Dave Williams orchestra & chorus. The back of the LP reads as follows:

This album is the culmination of a life-long dream, and the fulfillment of God’s promise to give us the desires of our hearts.

My musical career began at the age of 12 when I sang my first solo in our church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Over the years I have sung in hundreds of churches from coast to coast and border to border in our great nation, and beyond. I’ve been privileged to sing, record, and travel with a number of different group, but the dream of recording my own solo album has always been with me.

Recently the Lord has been teaching me some very important lessons, and it is my sincere desire to share them with you in this album. God gave me the title song, “Praise the Name,” during the critical days of my father’s illness and passing last year. How grateful I am that in those dark days the Lord helped me to understand the key to life in all its fulness… Praise the Name of Jesus” in every situation.

It is with thanks giving to God and loving memory of my father, an evangelist and pastor for over 45 years, that I prayerfully dedicate this album and its message. Join me as you listen and Praise the Name of Jesus.

Happiness Is LP.png


This is Skip’s second album released in 1977 by New Life Records. Album by Skip Ross. Arranged and conducted by Dave Williamson and produced by Paul Stilwell. The back of the LP reads as follows:

“Happiness Is…” That’s become a very popular advertising phrase in recent years because people everywhere are searching for happiness. During the last eight years a serious study into human motivation and experience of life has brought me to the conclusion that happy, dynamic living is possible. By that I mean a life that is free of fear, free of worry, directed toward the accomplishing of an ultimate purpose and filled with joy and happiness all the time.

This album is the musical statement of that conclusion. The only way I know to experience the deep-seated happiness of dynamic living is through knowing and following God’s personal expression of His love—His Son—Jesus. He is the truth that sets me free! He is the source of dynamic living. The psalmist has told me to trust in Him with all my heart, to delight myself in Him, to reverence Him and in so doing I will find peace, joy and the fulfillment of all the desires of my heart. For me, “Happiness Is Following Jesus.”

I believe in You LP.png


This is Skip’s third album released in 1979 by Circle A Productions. Album by Skip Ross. Arranged and conducted by Dave Williamson and produced by Paul Stilwell. The back of the LP reads as follows:

All my life I’ve wanted to share this music with you. Music that will put sunshine in your life and fling rainbows across your sky. Music that will lift your soul to soar on the wings of hope. Music to give you courage to stretch the boundaries of your dreams. Music that will inspire the finest expressions of love of which you are capable. Music to release the powerful potentials which are already a part of you. Music to celebrate freedom… your freedom… that true freedom of the inner man. Music to bring light to your darkness. Music that says, “I believe in you!”But most of all, music that will cause you to say, “I believe in me!” For then you have found the open door to your possible dream…


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For years, we have continually tried different methods of keeping a resource of positive, thought-provoking, and engaging material available to you. Podcasts were a method that Skip utilized for many years and we had a great time producing them. But making a series like these takes a large amount of time and so we have found that our efforts can be more helpful if put to other projects. Fortunately, you can still watch the backlog of episode that are still as relevant as the day we made them. We hope you are inspired and entertained! If you are, let us know. Who knows, maybe we’ll return to this format again in the future if enough of you say it’s worth it.


The DLX Podcast


It is the Dynamic Living Experience Podcast and it’s a show for everyone! We help you to live a positive lifestyle through content like weekly lessons, guest speakers, listener input, and more. It’s designed to teach the teens to be the leaders.

Daily Disciplines with Skip Ross


Daily Disciplines is designed to help you in your everyday life. Gain a better understanding of you, develop a better relationship with people, and learn how to deal with obstacles in your life.